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How Does SEO and SEM Work?

SEO is to Optimise your platform to boost your Organic Traffic & Leads in a lower cost. SEM is Paid-Ads Marekting that gain traffic and visibility from search engines.

What Are the Types of SEO in 2020?

- Google SEO - YouTube SEO - ECommerce SEO - Local SEO - Content Writing

How To Pick the Right Digital Marketing & SEO Agency?

1) Be Aware of Inexperience Agency, eg “We can successfully Optimize your website or Advertise for your company without much experience, we scored an A on SEO and Digital marketing exams” Is having good Knowledge = Professional Digital Marketing Specialist? Yes & No. Having sufficient Digital Marketing experience is extremely important especially in the SEO portion. without practically carried out the strategies that we learnt on Companies from different Industries Closely related to company knowledge and processes, past performance includes specific evidence, such as case studies, client references, and online reviews, all of which indicate previous success. About 14% said this was a deciding factor in their decision. 2) Think Twice When an Agency is Promising a LOT, eg “We can guarantee your Website to be Ranked at Number 1 position on Google” It’s easy to over-promise the results to get the deal closed but can SEO result really be guaranteed? Yes & No. We can guarantee the result to a certain extent eg, in which Google Page will your Website be ranked but no SEOer can be 100% sure of which Precise Position will your website be ranked. 3) Avoid Agencies who can "Provide Immediate Result", eg All White Hat SEOer (Legal Professional SEO specialist) know that Optimization can’t be done within a few days time for a website. Why? It takes careful analysis, proper steps to optimise and allow Google to crawl onto your contents and pages that you want visitors to see, which means It Takes Time. According to Google, SEO needs at least 16days to be visible on Google Search Engine. Therefore, whichever Agency provides a Quicker result has a higher tendency that they maybe using a “Black Hat” illegal skill which put your Website in danger (possible blocked by search engine permanently).

Can Digital Marketing & SEO Guarantee the Exact Result?

Yes & No. We can guarantee the result eg, in which Google Page will your Website be ranked but no SEO Specialist can be 100% sure of which Precise Position will your website be ranked in the Search Engines.